There was a boy named Jake and he had colossal amounts of home work every day and he was in a nodus because of all the home work. The teacher reprehended him for not doing all of his home work but because of an attack of prostration Jake couldn’t of finished his home work. Some of the kids pulled a prank on the teacher and Jake saw but he was deliberately silent and didn’t tell on his class mated. The teacher accused him of complicity because he wouldn’t tell her who did it. The teacher figured out who it was due to the idiosyncrasy of Stevens hand writing. The teacher screamed in orgiastic frenzy. The teacher acted in an expeditaios manner due to the visit of the dignitaries that day.

Reading Responses

What food represents the story?

I think that bread🍞 and corn🌽 represent the story because. In order to be an athlete which Jackson is you need to eat healthy and bread and corn are healthy. Bread and corn is plain and the book as some parts that are really boring and it has some parts that are really exiting. The first food that comes to my head when you say Nerds which is my book is bread and the second one is corn. I don’t think any other food would represent the story.

What are the top 5 thing that the charecter might buy with unlimited money?

I think Jackson would buy a fast car because he likes cars and he likes going fast. He might buy some really expensive spy gear for his spying stuff. I think he would use it for fighting. He would like a TON OF               🍬CANDY🍬 for his house. His house would then be a mansion because he would buy a huge mansion because he would want a luxurious mansion so hang out at. he would buy a massive weapon wall filled with a lot of weapons. He will use those weapons to practice combat at home.

Art Value

Value in art is drawing brighter where the light is coming from and drawing darker where it’s not coming from. You would use this when you’re drawing a circle or any object. I used this in my eye art work by rubbing the soft pastel one way from another way to make the part darker on one side and lighter where the light is coming from. I tried my best to make the eye pop out a bit by using value.

Anamal clues

I am fury and I like bananas🍌.

I walk on 2 legs and Im a mammal.

I don’t like rain. Who am I?

Reading Responses

Does the main charecter act like any of your friends?

Yes he acts like my friend Miher because he is nice and Jackson is also nice. Miher is considerate just like Jackson. They both think a lot about how to do things and sometimes Miher acts like a spy and Jackson is a spy. They are both athletic and Miher is good at soccer so is Jackson. Miher and Jackson are both friendly.

Make up a charecter and describe how you would fit him or her into the story.

I would make a boy charecter and his name would be NINJA BOB and he will be the bad guy that’s really good fighting. He would do a 1 V 1 fight agaist Jackson at the end then Jackson would get hurt and he can’t beat NINJA BOB. Then Jacksons friends will come to help Jackson in the fight so he will win.

How would you add obstacles to the story for the main charecter to complete?

I would add more problems for him to solve and more bad guys because there are not many problems or bad guys right now. Maybe I could add some people that are Jacksons friends then they turn around to the other side and go against Jackson. Maybe I would add Jacksons parents to the story. That’s what I would do.

Does the book remind you of a video game? If it does why? And if it doesn’t why not?

This book doesn’t remind me of a video game because I don’t play a big variety of games. I only play a few video games but I play them ALOT. No video game that I play or I know reminds me of the book and the book Im reading does not remind me of  and video blame that I know or play. The book doesn’t have much in comin with any video games.

Reading Responses

What time do you think the book is in? Explain.

I think that the book is in present time because there are no flying cars or any extraordinary technology but there are I-pads and regular spy things. There weren’t any schools that were super small like the old style ones. There were no things that would remind you of the past or future in the book.

Choose a character from a video game that represents the book.

I chose the P.E.K.K.A from Clash of Clans. The P.E.K.K.A represents the book because she wears black armor like a spy in the book. The PEKKA is like a ninja and she looks like a ninja. She reminds me about the spies in the book are like ninjas. She is like a ninja because she has a ninja sword and a mask.

What would happen to coco if he was in the book?Explain.
I think that the main character Jackson would try to take care of coco and coco would live the same life. Jackson would take care of coco because he is nice and likes animals. Coco might have his life a little bit different because Jackson is a spy. Coco wouldn’t care about where his new life is.

What do you think would happen if you replaced the main character with Coco?

I think the story would be terrible and Coco would be SUPER SCARED because Coco is just a small hamster and he is still kind of scared of the people in the class. The book will turn into a boring book because a hamster can not talk and can not be a spy or anything realy.

Reading Reponses

imageDraw a picture of something that would represent the book.





Explain why the characteristics of the charecter helps them in the story.

The charecter is very sneaky, smart and can get out of situations realy easily. This helps him because he is now becoming a kid spy and he needs to be smart in his decisions and he needs to know how to get out of a bad situation so he can be safe. He needs to be sneaky because he is a spy and he spies on people so he can’t be seen. It’s like he was never there.

Write a new title for he book you were reading and explain how it reflects the book.

My new title for Nerds is Nerds United. This reflects the book because  the nerds are together and they spy on people and help each other out to accomplish the mission. This is a good title because the reader knows that there are nerds that help each other because they are united.

Who’s voice is missing in the story?

The voice that is missing in the story is the other spies besides Jackson the main character. Other spies have not talked so far in the book. They are basically not even there but the narrarater talked about what they do and how they do it.

Why everyone should have access to fresh and clean water

Everyone should have accses to fresh and clean water. This is important because over 840,000 people die each year from drinking unhealthy and dirty water everyday and no one can live without water so it is a necessity to have clean water to drink each day. Some people don’t even have accses to water and they have to get it from some wher realy far away or have to buy it from a gas shop or mc Donald’s. Lots of people I think should agree with this statemen. lots of people are drinking realy dirty and disgusting water. Everybody needs water to live so every body drinks water but if some people only have accses to dirty water they will get sick and some may die. This is why everybody should have accses to fresh and clean water each day.💧💦