Reading Responses

Does the main charecter act like any of your friends?

Yes he acts like my friend Miher because he is nice and Jackson is also nice. Miher is considerate just like Jackson. They both think a lot about how to do things and sometimes Miher acts like a spy and Jackson is a spy. They are both athletic and Miher is good at soccer so is Jackson. Miher and Jackson are both friendly.

Make up a charecter and describe how you would fit him or her into the story.

I would make a boy charecter and his name would be NINJA BOB and he will be the bad guy that’s really good fighting. He would do a 1 V 1 fight agaist Jackson at the end then Jackson would get hurt and he can’t beat NINJA BOB. Then Jacksons friends will come to help Jackson in the fight so he will win.

How would you add obstacles to the story for the main charecter to complete?

I would add more problems for him to solve and more bad guys because there are not many problems or bad guys right now. Maybe I could add some people that are Jacksons friends then they turn around to the other side and go against Jackson. Maybe I would add Jacksons parents to the story. That’s what I would do.

Does the book remind you of a video game? If it does why? And if it doesn’t why not?

This book doesn’t remind me of a video game because I don’t play a big variety of games. I only play a few video games but I play them ALOT. No video game that I play or I know reminds me of the book and the book Im reading does not remind me of ¬†and video blame that I know or play. The book doesn’t have much in comin with any video games.

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