Why Driving Expectations Should Be Higher

Today I’m here to discuss why driving standards should be higher in Canada. That’s because these days young drivers might be unexperienced and might drink and drive which strengthens the possibilities of them getting into a car accident.

Lots of unexperienced drivers can put other people in danger not just themselves. Did you know that some people, mostly from other countries, might get their licence illegally and without taking a test? Lots of people use their phones while driving and won’t even use their seat belts! There is a built-in computer in my dad’s car that tracks his driving habits and gives him points based on his driving skills and habits. This is why my dad has never been in a car accident, because he’s experienced however I have seen a lot of people almost starting collision courses. I suggest all cars should have a thing that tracks everyone’s driving habits.  The driving expectations are way too low and should be a lot higher.

These are all the reasons why driving expectations in Canada need to be higher and thank you for listening to my speech.